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Devilian Mod De-Censors Cannoneer In North American, European Versions Gamer

A new mod for the MMO game Devilian from Trion Worlds removes the censorship from the North American and European version of

The Great Whale Road Ventures Onto Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter Gamer

There’s a really cool, conceptually engaging game from Sunburned Games called The Great Whale Road. It’s a similar kind of Viking adventure

Star Wars Battlefront Force Powered Stormtrooper Glitch Videos Surface Gamer

A new Star Wars Battlefront glitch has surfaced on YouTube where the Emperor will get stuck in the body of a Stormtrooper,

Just Cause 3 Cinematic Trailer Would Make Michael Bay Proud Gamer

Sunset hues, incessant explosions and plenty of vehicular carnage sounds like a recipe for a Michael Bay summer blockbuster. The reality is

Glitch Allows You To Get Unlimited Items From Chem Cooler In Fallout 4 Gamer

For those of you that need unlimited items from the chem cooler in the Red Rocket Truck Stop in Fallout 4, where you

How To Get The Rare Gamma Gun Lorenzo’s Artifact In Fallout 4 Gamer

Anyone looking for the rare gamma gun called Lorenzo’s Artifact in Fallout 4, might encounter some trouble while trying to get it. But,

New Earth Defense Force Games Coming To PS4, PS Vita In December Gamer

XSeed Games announced that they’re bringing D3 Publisher’s Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space to the PlayStation Vita, and Earth

Weekly Recap Nov 21st: Steam Games Pulled And Battlefront’s Scandal Gamer

The start of the week kicked off with Electronic Arts and DICE at the driver seat of corruption, with Reddit moderators riding

Review Report: 12 Is Better Than 6 Praised For Being Hotline Mexico Gamer

Ink Stain Games and Pinkapp Games’ 12 Is Better Than 6 is a hand-drawn, top-down western shooter. It’s very similar to Hotline

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within Zeus Cannon Modded Into Space Engineers Gamer

It’s impossible to stop being amazed at the mods for Space Engineers. It seems like a repetitive comment at this point but