Fast Racing Neo Video Tantalizes Gamers With 12 Minutes Of Wii U Gameplay Gamer

is the Wii U’s upcoming racing extravaganza from Shin’en Multimedia and it’s been demoed at game shows and conventions leading up to its late summer release. A new 12 minute off-screen video showcases several stages of the 720p, 60fps racer in action and it gives Wii U owners a prime taste of what’s to come for the eShop title.

The Game’s Cabin posted the video from the Nintendomination channel where the 12 minute gameplay session from GamesCom was captured. You can check out the video below.

A lot of this is just some extra flavor from what was showcased at E3 back in June when Shin’en showcased the gameplay in a real-time environment for the first time.

We learned from the event that the game features 16 different racing tracks, as well as multiple cups to conquer and even four-player split-screen local play for those of you who want to rekindle the fun and excitement of having friends over to play some competitive multiplayer titles.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Shin’en when they stated that they were going to push the Wii U to its limits but so far looks like a really solid and very technically competent racing title.

It’s a real shame that Nintendo hasn’t put more marketing muscle behind because if they’re not going to release a new game the least they should be doing is playing up the technical specs of Shin’en’s game and really reminding people that the Wii U isn’t quite as under-powered as some publishers have made it out to be.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the release of the game and it’s nice to see that it’s still receiving some small amounts of media attention leading up to its release. You can keep track of by paying a visit to the official website.

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