Glitch Allows You To Get Unlimited Items From Chem Cooler In Fallout 4 Gamer

For those of you that need unlimited items from the chem cooler in the Red Rocket Truck Stop in Fallout 4, where you get Dogmeat, all you need to do is go into build mode and the glitch will offer you unlimited supplies of Psycho, Jet, Med-X, Buffouts, Mentats, Rad-X and more.

This glitch is really simple to do, and very easy to locate. First head to the Red Rocket Truck Stop, where you first find Dogmeat. You should find a work bench that will allow you to go into build mode. However, if you are playing on PC, this glitch will have no value since you will have console commands at your disposal.

For those playing on PS4 and Xbox One, you will be able to get unlimited items from a chem cooler near a computer in a back room. To start it, enter the workshop menu and go to a table that is near a file cabinet, which is also near a computer as noted above.

Pick the table up and put it back down and leave the workshop mode, this should reset the chem cooler with new items in it. Once you are done taking from the chem cooler, if you enter the build mode again, you will be able to repeat the process by picking the table up and putting it back down.

After you are done bench pressing the table and taking the items from the chem cooler, you should have a nice ample supply of materials. If you need to see this glitch in action, you can watch Outside The Box‘s video below.

For those that might have trouble finding this location, it is located directly in the back of the Red Rocket Truck Stop, and behind the clerk counter. Once you are there, you can commence the glitch all you want, and you should be able to keep taking from the chem cooler, which will give you a list of items.

Author: Ethan

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