How To Get The Rare Gamma Gun Lorenzo’s Artifact In Fallout 4 Gamer

Anyone looking for the rare gamma gun called Lorenzo’s Artifact in Fallout 4, might encounter some trouble while trying to get it. But, most importantly, is it worth searching for? In this guide, all of the above will be answered.

The first part in retrieving Lorenzo’s Artifact will see you having to find a ghoul named Edward Deegan. After you are done finding him — Deegan is commonly found at the market in Bunker Hill — he will give you a quest to work with a scientist named Jack Cabot. While at Cabot’s place, you will have to do a series of missions for him.

The first part will require you to get back a lost serum that was stolen by some Raider Veterans. After killing them and returning it back, you will get the second part that will have you find Cabot’s sister. Folks will have to go to the Third Rail in Good Neighbor. This part is pretty simple, players will have to investigate and ask some questions, and convince a guy named Thomas that you need to visit Jack’s sister.

Depending on your charisma depends on how easy this part of the quest is. After finding out that she is fine, you will have to tell Cabot that she is fine. Moving on to the next part of the quest, you will have to locate Cabot’s father, who went insane and is located in an insane asylum.

This mission will task players to get to him before the raiders do, which Jack’s father is located at the bottom of the asylum. Once you are at the bottom of the asylum, you will have to fight the last raider to get to Jack’s dad.

From this point you will have the choice of killing the dad or keeping him alive. Killing him will speed up the process of getting Lorenzo’s Artifact, which will require you to flip four switches to initiate his death. After talking to Cabot, he will reward you something from the artifact, but will take the in-game equivalent of a week to do so.

To speed up the wait time of one week, head to any of your settlements or a bed, and sleep for 24 hours until you passed one week’s worth of time. After that head to either Cabot’s house or the Asylum, and he should grant you the rare gamma gun called Lorenzo’s Artifact.

You can check out MrBossFTW‘s video tutorial for getting this rare weapon, which runs for six minutes.

Looking over to its stats, the gun has a damage of 12 radiation damage and 25 normal damage. It also sports a range of 203, an accuracy of 69, with it weighing 4.5 and a value of 753. With that said, is it worth it? In my opinion and based on MrBossFTW, not really. but it is a good gun to have, just in case something emerges that needs a good radiation slap.

For those wondering about mods, it does arrive with some pretty good stuff, but you will need your science skill to be quite high to add more gusto to the gun’s punch. As for the ammo, Lorenzo’s Artifact uses gamma rounds, which is good against certain humans, but not so good against mutants and other radiated enemies.

And lastly, if you are a big fan of gamma rounds and radiation weapons, you should most definitely get this gun. For those that aren’t, it’s safe to hold out.

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