Just Cause 3 Cinematic Trailer Would Make Michael Bay Proud Gamer

Sunset hues, incessant explosions and plenty of vehicular carnage sounds like a recipe for a Michael Bay summer blockbuster. The reality is that all of those ingredients have been poured into a mixing bowl by Avalanche Studios and Japanese CGI studio Visual Works to make for a sweet tasting treat in the form of a trailer called “Kasabian”, named after the band of the same name.

HeyPoorPlayer caught wind of the new trailer, which starts off with the cinematic prestige put together from Visual Works that eventually, and quite smoothly – transitions into actual gameplay of Just Cause 3. You can see the explosive mixture of cinematic intensity and impossible stuntwork with the trailer below.

The game sees Rico returning home only to find that a dictator is now in charge. He sets out to topple the military regime by causing as much destruction as possible, all while giving the people a reason to revolt.

The story for the game is pretty much a bare bones excuse to throw Rico Rodriguez back into the driver seat of chaos and have him flying, gliding, diving, falling and driving around with bullets flying everywhere and explosions painting the sky like the fourth of July.

While there may not be much to the story this time around, there’s definitely a lot to the gameplay. Players will have a new wingsuit to utilize that will allow them to fly around from one destination to the next without the use of a vehicle, as well as the ability to deconstruct parts of objects instead of just blowing the entire thing to pieces. Of course, there’s still the option of throwing explosives all over a tower and blowing the entire thing to pieces.

Vehicles have been vastly improved with new physics for varying types of transportation, and the shooting has been upgraded to feel more intense.

You can look for Just Cause 3, the open-world carnival of chaos and menagerie of mayhem, to release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting December 1st. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the game’s official website.

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