Puzzle Game The Bridge Will Arrive For PS4, Xbox One And Wii U Gamer

The puzzle game that’s heavily based on M. C. Escher’s geometric shapes and designs The Bridge, will be available across almost all major platforms including PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and the Wii U. The game even managed to get a release date for the Ouya.

Sometimes it’s nice to look at games that aren’t plastered all over the place or getting mad attention, like this simple yet complex game The Bridge. This game was made by indie dev Ty Taylor, and it brings a nice puzzler feel to the table while adding geometric, architectural-styled themes throughout it. Although I like FPS games, this one did catch my attention with its solemn yet interesting atmosphere.

The Bridge reminds me of the game The Monument. The two puzzlers both sport artistic environments in a foggy dream like state that dabble in simple looking stages with complex measures that players must overcome to progress through the game.

Peering over to the official site, we get a description of the game that explain quite a bit of the  inspiration that flows around The Bridge

You can watch the official trailer that Ty Taylor posted on his YouTube channel, as seen below.

For those that are interested in The Bridge can get it now for $14.99 at the bridgeisblackandwhite.com, or you can wait and get it for Xbox One on August 14th, or for PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 on August 18th, or for the Wii U on August 20th.

Author: Ethan

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