Smash Bros Invade Street Fighter With Violent Results Gamer

There’s a funny machinima making its way around the web featuring the characters from getting an invite from Ryu to participate in the tournament. The results of the crossover are both violent and hilarious.

Entertainment Buddha spotted the video from over on Dorkly’s YouTube channel. The video is short and sweet and gets right to the laughs. Check it out below.

The video sees the invading the universe, bringing with them all sorts of chaos and havoc to the effect of brutally killing various characters and using their items to terrorize the denizens of Capcom’s fighting series.

The comment section in the video broke out into all sorts of debates about characters being strong enough to kill Nintendo’s iconic mascots, but there were a lot of sound rebuttals offered as well, including most people agreeing that characters like Kirby and Captain Falcon would probably wipe out the entire roster. In fact, check out Screw Attack’s Death Battle between Kirby and Majin Buu to see what some people mean.

There was also a Death Battle between Captain Commando and Captain Falcon. It wasn’t very long but it puts the point across that Nintendo has some of the most powerful, buffed up characters that can rain down death and destruction at the near snap of a finger.

Basically, has a roster of super-powered humans. has a roster of universe destroying super-beings.

I think Dorkly took it a step further into the dark zone by having the Nintendo characters go on an all-out rampage but the results aren’t too surprising. There were some debates about Jigglypuff being able to reflect Ryu’s fireball but otherwise people informed about the character differences recognized that Nintendo has some serious pwnage on their side.

Also, Donkey Kong with the hammer? Good luck and game over. Widgets

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