Star Fox Zero 14 Minute Gameplay Video Covers Tutorial, Corneria Gamer

There’s a 14 minute video of for the Wii U featuring the game’s tutorial mode that introduces players to the basic control mechanics, as well as a look at the Corneria stage, where Fox flies around blasting down baddies and showing off his starfighter skills.

The first few minutes are basically just learning how to pilot the Arwing and understanding the basic flying mechanics.

At the four minute mark apparently the guy playing has to go tap the head in the bathroom because the video stays in the option menu screen all the way up until around the five minute mark. At that point he enters Corneria.

What’s a little worrying is that Corneria is fairly short and takes about nine minutes to complete. It seems a lot shorter and easier than some of the first stages in other games but maybe it’s just a testament to the skill of the guy playing or potentially Miyamoto making the game a little easier for newcomers. You can check it out below from YouTuber Nintendo World Report TV.

Most of the video showed some a-okay gameplay. It doesn’t look like a terribly exciting entry in the saga and it certainly doesn’t seem to be pushing any boundaries the way did back in the day, but I suppose that’s the shape of diminished returns on some ideas that are contained within specific niche’s.

was first introduced last year at E3 during Nintendo’s Direct where it received a lot of positive feedback and support for being a highly awaited release for the Wii U. This year a lot of fans were expecting to be accompanied by a new game but alas, fans ended up stuck with .

The newest is set to arrive on the Wii U this December.

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