Star Wars Battlefront Force Powered Stormtrooper Glitch Videos Surface Gamer

A new Star Wars Battlefront glitch has surfaced on YouTube where the Emperor will get stuck in the body of a Stormtrooper, giving an average soldier powerful force abilities.

The first two videos surfaced on November 17th, shortly after EA and Dice’s new Star Wars Battlefront game officially launched.

Majority of the glitch videos appear to be on the PS4 version, but it isn’t known yet if you can replicate the same glitches on the Xbox One and PC versions. I linked to YouTuber Matthew Umstead, who uploaded the below video of some Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage. He is running around playing Boba Fett, killing other players like normal, when suddenly he comes across a funny looking Stormtrooper that seems to be flying around and shooting lightning out of his hands. The below video is only about a minute long, but you can clearly see that the Stormtrooper isn’t normal.

At first it seemed like a one off glitch or a hack performed by another player to turn a normal Stormtrooper into a force using Jedi. That is, until another video surfaced showing the same thing, with YouTube channel The WolfPack Podcast: A Star Wars Podcast, actually playing a glitched Emperor-Stormtrooper. The below video is about three minutes long and you can tell by how the Stormtrooper is moving that it is clearly a glitch and not a normal gameplay experience.

The glitching continued on as yet another video was discovered by YouTube channel AZZATRU – Premium Battlefront Videos. They uploaded their own gameplay footage video today, showing his teammate transforming from a normal Darth Vader into a glitched Snowtrooper with a lightsaber. The glitch is more severe than the other two videos as the lightsaber wielding Snowtrooper begins to deform and smear across the screen into a series of distorted polygons that stretch across the stage.

Most of the viewers that commented for the above mentioned YouTube videos found the glitches to be hilarious and funny as they tried to figure out what was going on or what was causing the glitch. But what about you?

Did you find the Star Wars Battlefront videos to be funny? Have you come across any silly glitches while playing the new Star Wars Battlefront? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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