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Just Cause 3 Cinematic Trailer Would Make Michael Bay Proud Gamer

Sunset hues, incessant explosions and plenty of vehicular carnage sounds like a recipe for a Michael Bay summer blockbuster. The reality is

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Avalanche Studios released the final developer diary for Just Cause 3 that focuses entirely on how the engine works to combine some

Just Cause 3 Has Tough Time Maintaining 30fps On Xbox One Gamer

Digital Foundry did a preliminary frame-rate test on the Xbox One and PS4 of Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3. They found out

Just Cause 3 Video Covers First Hour Of Gameplay Gamer

Avalanche Studios uploaded an entire hour of gameplay footage of Just Cause 3, covering the game’s intro, tutorial-style early missions and some

Just Cause 3’s Rap Anthem Trailer Doesn’t Sit Well With Some Gamers Gamer

Avalanche Studios decided to put the launch trailer in the hands of gamers instead of relying on a focus-tested trailer devised by