BIG Festival Archive

BIG Festival Preview – Nova 111

Many games at the BIG Festival presented great and innovative ideas, and fortunately most of the finalists were able to turn these ideas

BIG Festival Preview – Circa Infinity

Brazil’s Independent Games Festival came and went really fast for me. The biggest indie games festival of Brazil and Latin America started on

BIG Festival Preview – Klang

Soundtracks based on electronic beats led much of the BIG Festival’s Best Sound nominees. Although games like Thumper and Inside my Radio were great, it

BIG Festival Preview – Thumper

Ever since I first watched the debut trailer a long time even before the festival, I couldn’t wait for my chance to

BIG Festival Preview – Okhlos

At this point, those following my series of BIG Festival Previews might think it’s weird I haven’t talked about a winner yet.

BIG Festival Preview – Event[0]

Event[0], from the French studio Ocelot Society, was the finalist for Best Narrative and the winner of the Innovation Award at this year’s