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The Great Whale Road Ventures Onto Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter Gamer

There’s a really cool, conceptually engaging game from Sunburned Games called The Great Whale Road. It’s a similar kind of Viking adventure

Vaccine War Combines 3D And Pixel Art In 1930s Spanish War Setting Gamer

Too often the only war games we get in abundance are centered around the World Wars – mostly World War II over

Gardenarium Lands On Greenlight With One Trippy Art-Style Gamer

Let’s just preface everything by saying: Yes, Gardenarium is a walking simulator. You will walk, discover things and grow the world. Now

Chasing Dead: Pain Killer-Style FPS Lands On Steam Greenlight Gamer

2020 Venture’s Chasing Dead is a little like a mix of Doom, Killing Floor and Painkiller. Imagine larger than life bosses, full

Tower Titans Is A Borderlands Meets Dungeon Defenders Tower Defense Game Gamer

For a short while it seemed like there was a flood of tower defense games filling up every single square inch of

CASE Animatronics, Five Nights At Freddy’s Clone Gets Hit With DMCA Claim Gamer

A game called C.A.S.E. Animatronics from Russian developer Last Level has found its way onto Steam Greenlight and also managed to find

Neon Chrome, Cyberpunk 4-Player Rogue-Like Lands On Greenlight Gamer

10Tons Ltd., recently announced that their top-down, four-player cooperative, rogue-like cyberpunk shooter Neon Chrome, is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight. The game

Cursed, Storybook Horror Game Lands On Greenlight Gamer

JetDog Studios has a really interesting new game that’s been recently introduced onto Steam Greenlight called Cursed. The game is a storybook-style

Metal Shock Game Passes Greenlight With Ease, But Struggles On Kickstarter Gamer

Afrofrog’s Metal Shock Game is an Unreal Engine 4-powered first-person shooter. The game is currently in development and has already managed to

BIG Festival Preview – Okhlos

At this point, those following my series of BIG Festival Previews might think it’s weird I haven’t talked about a winner yet.