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Weekly Recap Aug 8th: Destructoid’s Forums Go Kaput, Konami’s Practices Outed Gamer

The week started off explosive and then found itself mellowing out and winding down by the time the weekend arrived. The big

Weekly Recap Aug 15th: Steam’s 34% 1080p, PS Plus Price Rising In UK Gamer

The week of the SPJ AirPlay event in Miami, Florida… it’s finally here. The big ethics throwdown will see #GamerGate take on

Weekly Recap Aug 22nd: SPJ Bomb Threats Target #GamerGate Gamer

The big news of the week was coming off last weekend on August 15th when the Society of Professional Journalists’ Michael Koretzky

Weekly Recap Aug 29th: #GamerGate Lasts For A Whole Year Gamer

The big news around new media websites that have sprung up since around August of 2014 is that the hashtag known as

Weekly Recap Sept 5th: Daily Mail Sues Gawker, FTC Chastises Machinima Gamer

This was a strange week that started off with news about getting cancelled for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and moved into

Nintendo Accounts Will Work With PCs, Phones And Nintendo Devices Gamer

Nintendo is finally stepping into the 21st century with their new Nintendo online amendment for the Nintendo ID system. The new online

Weekly Recap Sept 12th: PewDiePie Dominates YouTube, Dragon’s Dogma On PC Gamer

The big news of the week on One Angry Gamer was all Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain; it was up

Weekly Recap Sept 19th: Tokyo Game Show Unveils Tons Of New Games Gamer

The Tokyo Game Show was all the rave this week. It introduced a number of new titles into the world of gaming

Weekly Recap Sept 26th: Game Voice Actor Strike, 4chan Sold Gamer

There was a lot of big news that dropped this week, ranging from new games being announced to other games landing on

Guitar Hero Live Now Available For Home Consoles And Mobile Devices Gamer

Available now in North America for too many game systems that don’t need to be listed here, and coming soon to Europe,