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Nova-111 Puts A New Spin On Turn-Based Combat For Consoles And PC Gamer

Set to release on August 25th for the PC, PS3, PS Vita and PS4, with an August 28th date for the Xbox

PS3, PS4 Users Search Up More Porn Over Xbox, Wii U Users Gamer

A majority of males love porn. That’s no surprise. It should also come as no surprise that people use their home consoles

Extreme Exorcism Unique Mimic Feature Praised By Gamers Gamer

Golden Ruby Games and Ripstone’s 2D ghost-hunting game has launched with some fairly decent reviews from reputable outlets and users alike. The

Guitar Hero Live Teams Up With iHeartMedia For Live Concerts Gamer

Activision and iHeartMedia have teamed up together for the launch of , which is available on the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, mobile

Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows DLC Now Available For Free Gamer

Yacht Club Games announced that the newest DLC expansion for called has gone live. The content is available for PC, Xbox One,

Extreme Exorcism Launches Sept. 23rd For Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Steam Gamer

There are a lot of indie games launching this month for home consoles and PC, one of them is Golden Ruby Games’

Guitar Hero Live Now Available For Home Consoles And Mobile Devices Gamer

Available now in North America for too many game systems that don’t need to be listed here, and coming soon to Europe,

Attack On Titan Gameplay Video Shows Different Playable Characters Gamer

It was already made apparent that there would be various characters that could be played in Koei Tecmo’s upcoming Attack on Titan

Mighty No. 9 Trailer Tries To Focus On Pure Fun Gamer

Some games out there are completely intent on sending political messages. They don’t give a flying crap about being fun, entertaining or

Bladestorm: Nightmare to be released in March 2015 on PS4 and Xbox One Game

Bladestorm: Nightmare is perhaps one of the most underrated battlefield strategy games out there, but this might be about to change with