The Great Whale Road Ventures Onto Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter Gamer

There’s a really cool, conceptually engaging game from Sunburned Games called The Great Whale Road. It’s a similar kind of Viking adventure title to Stoic Studios’ The Banner Saga. The game sees players venturing across the Nordic seas in search of riches, safe harbor and a place to call home.

The game recently popped up on Steam Greenlight with a couple of trailers that detail what players will do and how they’ll go about their adventures in The Great Whale Road. Majority of the content will focus on traveling across the Netherlands and throughout the North Sea while recruiting loyal recruits, avoiding the traitorous ones and stocking up on supplies that will help you during combat against other travelers, pirates and rivals. You can check out the trailer below.

The game has a sort of Mount & Blade inventory and item management setup, where players will attempt to stockpile equipment and gear before heading off wildly into battle. There are also various tribes and cultures in the game, including the Picts, Danes, Anglo-Saxons and Britons.

As noted on the game’s Greenlight page…

The reception to the title has been very, very positive. A lot of gamers like the art-style and the presentation of the world within The Great Whale Road.

The game is also currently on Kickstarter, and at the time of the writing of this article, it has an entire month to go before the deadline is met. Sunburned Games is looking for $53,616 and they’ve already managed $2,849 so far.

If you have coin to spare and you feel this is a game worth backing, you can do so by paying a visit to the Kickstarter page. If you don’t have coin to spare and you still want to see this game come to fruition, you can offer an upvote and a favorite over on the Steam Greenlight page. Widgets

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