Weekly Recap Aug 15th: Steam’s 34% 1080p, PS Plus Price Rising In UK Gamer

The week of the SPJ AirPlay event in Miami, Florida… it’s finally here. The big ethics throwdown will see #GamerGate take on the media in the royal rumble that many ethics-encouraging gamers won’t soon forget.

The week kicked off big with a wrap-up of GamesCom 2015 news, including cloud demonstrations for . Later into the week the Steam hardware survey revealed that not everyone is rocking 1080p like some would lead you to believe. The survey results left the PC gaming community asking: are you one of the 34%? And Sony is raising the price of the PS Plus prices in the U.K. These stories and more in this August 15th, 2015 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Crackdown Demos The Power Of The Cloud

So we’ve all been asking what the power of the cloud is really like and Reagent Games finally showed a real-time demo of what that power looks like with . Whether or not that will hold true on end-user machines when 2016 rolls around remains to be seen but Microsoft has a lot riding on this. Strangely the developers have a tough time describing what is really like, mostly because it’s not an MMO and it’s not a MOBA but it’s also not an RPG… so what is it? After a lot of people said that was just a pipe-dream and completely undoable, RSI and CIG proved them wrong by unveiling the new multiplayer multi-crew demo and jaws hit the floor.

Only 34% Of Steam Users Play Games At 1080p

It’s a bit of an unfortunate thing but the Glorious PC Master Race is more like the Glorious PC Limp-Display Race. The latest Steam survey reveals that the average PC gamer on Steam does not play at or above 1080p but just under it. Ouch. Destructoid has decided to update their ethics policies yet again and add retroactive disclosure for their articles. And if EA being EA wasn’t enough for you, they decided to go and slap some extra EA on it; what did they do this time? Well, is always-on and they’re defending it with the excuse of Autolog.


Sony Raising Prices on PS Plus

Sony is actually raising the price of PlayStation Plus subscriptions for one and three month payment options. This has sent shockwaves through the PlayStation community since a lot of people aren’t happy with the hike up in the price. The good part is that it’s only happening in the U.K. PC gamers have been sending out PSAs to warn other gamers about always-on DRM. Steam celebrated Japanese indie games this week, which is a nice fresh boost for the underrated development scene. And Corsair has a bunch of new gaming peripherals coming to the market for PC and home consoles.


CBC Fails One More Time Before AirPlay

With AirPlay taking place in Miami, Florida it seemed like the one thing that any media corporation would want to do is avoid breaching ethics on the week where the SPJ AirPlay takes place… well, not the CBC. Capcom has decided to go full ahead with the remake of , but some fans worry that the whole thing might end up in a piss poor state because… well, it’s Capcom. And if you’ve been a fan of old-school, action racing titles like you’ll be pleased to know that the original developers are bringing back that concept with the game .


Peter Moore Shoots Down Gamers Who Hate Disc-Locked Content

What’s awful about on-disc DLC, oftentimes referred to as disc-locked content, is that you’re paying for a product with finished content on the disc but you can’t access it until you pay more for it. Well, EA’s COO Peter Moore shot down any complaints about it as “erroneous” and as “nonsense”. Not everyone sees eye-to-eye with the executive. Koei Tecmo is working on a new game so that might be worth keeping an eye on. There’s a free demo of , so feel free to grab that for the Xbox One or PS4. And 43 more games have been added to the Xbox One’s list of backwards compatibility titles. This brings the list well over 100 titles.


8chan Gets Removed From Google

So it looks like the next steps toward fulfilling Orwell’s vision of 1984 have been completed. 8Chan.net has officially been removed from Google’s index. Users aren’t too worried about it but it just goes to show that it’s a dangerous road for those who have control to censor whatever they don’t like. , the game that was funded by #GamerGate, has been delayed. Avalanche Studios has said that was built in-house for PC and that the game runs at 30fps on the PS4. And a new mode has been revealed for called Supremacy… it’s the standard Conquest mode from the first two games just with a new name.

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