Weekly Recap Aug 8th: Destructoid’s Forums Go Kaput, Konami’s Practices Outed Gamer

The week started off explosive and then found itself mellowing out and winding down by the time the weekend arrived. The big news this week was that CBC was exposed for having a journalist attack a denizen of #GamerGate and was actually called out for it by the French-Canadian CBC Ombudsman. This was proceeded by Destructoid’s forums going kaput after someone called their PC a “rape machine”, and we eventually got back to gaming when GamesCom got underway and we realized that the hobby really shouldn’t be coopted by politics when all we really want to do is just have fun.

These stories and more in this August 8th, 2015 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


CBC Journalist Attacks #GamerGate Supporter

After being called out for their shoddy journalism, a journalist at the CBC decided to attack the person complaining to the Ombudsman about their shoddy journalism. There’s some great new footage of being played using VR devices, specifically HTC’s Vive. is a game that’s turning a lot of heads on Steam lately thanks to its excellent digitized graphics and great throwback gameplay. Nvidia had a recall on the Shield tablets after some of them posed fire hazards due to overheating batteries… I guess their graphics cards aren’t the only things that are hot enough to bake your food. And Windows 10 has been hit with criticisms of spying on users and makes it known in the privacy policies… turning some of the features off may not be as easy or as simple as you think.


Konami’s Bad Business Practices Outed

Konami apparently treats employees like crap. They’ve been reported on by Nikkei who rolls out a scathing look at how the company forces employees to clock in and out during lunch breaks or face the wrath of being publicly shamed. There’s also the issue of what’s happening between the company and Kojima Productions, which finally gets highlighted in the Nikkei report. On the lighter side of news Xbox One owners will be able to play all the previous games on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility. And Vega is another character added to the roster.


Destructoid Kills Forums And Reaxxion Shuts Down

Sad news all the way around for gamers, as Destructoid has shuttered the doors on their forums and they’ve put in some stiffer penalties for people talking about taboo subject matter. But at the end of the day, the forums are kill. Additionally, the gaming website designed to focus on MRA activity and gaming, Reaxxion, has shut down. This was also the week where GamesCom got underway in full, which meant reveals for games like , and . There was also the revelation of gameplay for .


Star Wars: Battlefront And Mirror’s Edge Gameplay Unveiled

After waiting what feels like forever, EA and DICE have finally released gameplay videos for both and . This was accompanied by news about , including the system requirements for the PC version of the game, and new details were unveiled about the game’s base building and PvP FOBs in the online multiplayer mode. release date has also been set for April 5th, 2016 and finally, the IGDA released a survey showing that devs have less confidence in the gaming industry’s push for diversity.


Mighty No. 9 Delayed

The has been delayed all the way into 2016 due to online bugs and glitches. It’s a strange reason to delay a game but that’s how the dice fall in this case. Also, the modders have been able to create an import plugin for ZModeler3 for car models, so we should be seeing custom cars sooner rather than later. has already amassed an impressive 20 million downloads and Nordic Games has gone ahead and managed to acquire the distribution license for .

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